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Commercial Maintenance

We service over 50 commercial pools in the San Diego area; from five-unit duplexes to 500-unit condominiums. Therefore, we are experienced in meeting the needs of Management Companies and Home Owners Associations.

Commercial pools are inspected by the San Diego County Department of Health Services. We are familiar with pool inspection reports, plan approvals and code changes. Contact us before you make modifications or adjustments to equipment and it becomes an expensive problem to properly resolve.

*Backwash filter system when needed.
*Water treatment as necessary to health standards.
*Clean tile in pool.
*Clean strainer basket and leaf canister.
*Test water for chlorine & pH.
*Treat pool with chlorine & acid as necessary.
*Testing and treating the water.
*Vacuum or brush pool walls & floor.
*Checking and testing equipment periodically.
*All materials necessary for the above operations are furnished by the Company.

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